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The Egyptian center offers many kinds of services concerning IPR and IT, as well as offering a unique group of services ......



The Second Regional Conference on
Intellectual Property Enforcement in the Digital Age


ECIPIT gathers an elite of consultants, legal academics, specialists and experts in the fields of IPR & IT who can offer  ......


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The Egyptian Center for Intellectual Property and Information Technology "ECIPIT" was established as a non-profit and non-governmental organization so as to increase the awareness of IPR and ICT fields, and the way to use them for increasing the development rate.One of the most important objectives that ECIPIT aims to achieve is to make a fair balance between achieving a kind of commitment to the requested standards of the obligations and regulations .............


    The "IP Awareness and Enforcement: Modular Based Actions for SMEs", an EU-funded project under the Competitiveness and Innovation Programme, is organising the Seminar "IP Management and Enforcement: Good practices for SMEs" to be held on 11th December 2008 in Brussels (Belgium)
    New Board for ECIPIT
    European Union. OHIM announces that forms will be made available for the renewal of registered Community Designs
    Perugia (Italy), 25th-26th June 2007: Workshop on Intellectual Property: how to manage it to be competitive
    Cyber Crimes

Cyber crimes are emotional crimes that are committed against the users of the Internet. They are the fastest growing criminal activity in the world and are of major concern to the Government. They cover a huge range of illegal activity, from traditional crime on-line to new crimes that target information and communications networks. This kind of activity  .....



The trade mark is defined as any sign which can distinguish one trader's goods or services from those of  ......


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